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Originally Posted by 808@702 View Post
Torque, while important for trucks which tow doesnt really apply to our/ my cars. Driving skill and the drivers ability for adapting to driving conditions (vehicle, roads, topography, weather, vehicle and tire condition and wear, driver experience and knowledge,) far outweigh the need for torque. Torque will work in a straight line at brand new. Skill is what is required to move an M3 around a track at speed. And Mods!
Having said this I have no mods nor seem to need them. Tires are all I have done recently, I dont drag race or have any care to. I love hustling my car around. It is great to actually drive an M3. Daily for work. It is hilarious. I work with a cool guy older dude who loves his Dodge Ram Diesel with 500 ft/lbs torque. Put him in a rental and he becomes a death trap and I strap on the belt and hang on. He has no ability to drive a regular car, and the bottom line is, we drive a "close to" perfect car. I guess my suggestion for a new thread would be "how skilled of a driver are you?" Be honest with yourself and answer.