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Originally Posted by bnombe View Post
Thank you thank you thank you!!! My wife has absolutely fallen head over heel for MY M3 too! She had no idea how great this car actually looks (particularly in the colour combo I chose) we test drove a used one in 6MT so that I could at least experience the actual driving of an M3 before placing the order. It was in the "wrong" colour and no ZCP, so the car's look didn't strike her as anything spectular..... she was drooling over mine when we walked up to it in the delivery area

So Julie - just what is your colour combo and options?

Congrats on your car being on the ship!!! It WILL be with you before you know it as someone wise named Jamie told me couple weeks ago and in your case being in Toronto area, it WILL be there in less days than it took mine yes yes... the Vancouver vs TO rivalry does exist, lol but M3 friendship can probably override it most of the time

Oh... are you trying the free ship tracking apps yet?
(1) Tracking via desktop: Ahh, my car now shows up as loaded on vessel, even though the ship left 2 days ago. So about a 2-day delay.

(2) Tracking via mobile: I found the Android version of the Ship Finder app but: (a) it's not free; and more importantly (b) it's got plenty of bad reviews. I'll try loading the free (and much better rated) Apple version on my husband's iPhone

(3) Color combo: I got an unusual combination.

A semi-spartan M3 with an individual color.

I could never warm up to the "double hump" dash and now that the MDrive/M Button thingy can be retro-fitted, I didn't want the Nav. (I also often take trips where I use a certain type of Garmin that can accept customized routes built via Googlemaps, and it's a pain for me to have to place it down near the shifter of my 335i (which has Nav) because there's no room to fit it on top of the iDrive bump.) I also left out the Exec Package, as there were only 3 things I wanted from that package and now they're standard: Alarm, Comfort-Access, and the new Harmon Kardon Surround System.

So basically I just checked off Competition Package (just for the wheels )

For the color, I chose Azurite Black, Piano Black on Black Novillo.

I was going to replace the trim with the OEM real carbon fibre trim and I wanted Shadowline anyways. The cost for the carbon trim, shadowline and labour would have been about the same as getting the factory Azurite paint with the (wood lacquer) Piano Black, which was actually my first choice but not available without an Individual VIN.


Piano black on black:
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