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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Are you for real? You recommended high reps and medium weight for "toning" muscle, whatever that means, then I said you are wrong and said why you are wrong. The reference to "The Situation" is a stab at your apparent use of broscience as an argument... After being asked here and in other threads to post some sources of your info, you still haven't. Oh, because you don't have any. The rest of my post is directed to the OP, simply offering my $0.02 in the hopes that he ignores the jibberish you posted.

Reading comprehension, you have none. Next time I will break it down for you so you know what I am directing at you and what I am directing at the OP.
Speaking of reading comprehension... that may be what's causing your confusion.
I didn't recommend anything. Go back and read (and most importantly understand) the discussion before opening your mouth so wide and so abrasively.
Somebody said something about maxing out (with few reps) when lifting weights. I noted that maxing out is for muscle mass building. For weight loss (what the OP wants to achieve) you don't need that. Just medium weight and higher reps. That implies same amount of effort no? :loco: