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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Well known fact? Where are your sources on this? "The Situation" is not a good source.

You're the only one here who is misguided. Please stop posting, because you're confusing the OP who is honestly trying to better himself. Going off of your bro science, he will more than likely fail.

As was mentioned earlier, it really isn't about the weight/reps, it's about the effort you put in. If you really want to burn some calories, reduce the rest time in between sets to 30 seconds or less. Do some power sets (like 10 reps of bench press then with no rest do 10 pullups). Sure, you'll have to lift lighter weights and maybe do a couple more reps as a byproduct, but that's because I'm sure you can't knock out a 3 rep max bench, take 15 seconds or less rest, and do it again with no problems. If you can, then good on you, because I don't know many who can.

Why do you think most of these weight-loss programs out there that actually have results (like Insanity and P90X) vary the rest in between their sets (or have no rest at all)? Because it's about the EFFORT.

It's actually pretty simple. To lose weight, calories you take in must be less than the calories you burn. If you eat too much, no matter what it is, you're not going to lose weight unless you are working out enough to burn it off (plus whatever your base metabolic rate is). Also note, as you lose the weight, your body will require less calories to function (your BMR will lower), so you will need to either eat less or workout even more, or you will hit a plateau. Also, your body is a wonderful thing. It can and will QUICKLY adapt to changes in habit. For someone who doesn't workout regularly, I would say after about a month of doing the same thing, you need to switch it up and do something different. If you don't, you will probably plateau, not to mention get a little bored

The biggest help for me to lose weight was to cut out all junk fluids, so I just drink water and the occasional glass of milk. People think "diet" on the soda can means they can drink as much as they want. I think it's a bad idea. Water is extremely healthy (no calories and no artificial junk). I don't have a link or proof to this, but in Tony Horton's book "Bring It!" (the guy who made P90X), he says that artificial sweeteners, while they do not DIRECTLY cause weight gain, cause neurological changes in the body. These changes basically cause your mind to be tricked. You THINK you're getting a sweet, sweet treat by taking in the soda loaded with Splenda, but when the body catches up and realizes the calories aren't there, you wind up craving something and most people cannot ignore the cravings. Funny how some of the people I see chugging from a can of diet coke all day are some of the fattest people I've ever met. Not to mention the CAFFEINE is a diuretic and dehydrates you, which will negatively effect your workouts meaning you will put in LESS EFFORT and burn FEWER CALORIES.

The best (and simplest) advice I can give is to burn more calories than you take in. So either you become a workout fiend (workout at least twice a day) and keep eating whatever you want, which is not ideal or practical for normal people, or you find a nice balance between both. Eating healthier improves OVERALL health and not just physical appearance. My $0.02...
How is any of the above even remotely related to what I said, let alone be a retort to what I said?
Where did I say anything about Situation, rest time, diet, etc? :loco: