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Originally Posted by MSoldier View Post
If you purchase through this program and ship it back to the states upon purchase then you are subject to the gas guzzler tax and any taxes and fees whatever state you have it shipped to. Unless you are stationed in Europe for a few years and put so many miles then ship it back to CONUS then you are subject to everything that applies to purchasing the M3 as if you were in CONUS already.
I tried to do this a few years back when I was deployed, you'll still save a decent amount with options and such but its close to the price you can get through the USAA auto sales program if you have an account with them, I've done a little research. Good luck to all, I recommend seeing what you can for it through USAA and through the MSP then walk to your local dealer and see what they offer.
Exactly. Unless you're stationed in Europe for 6 months, you'll be paying the taxes just like everyone else. I wonder if Euro delivery isn't cheaper than the deployed route?