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Originally Posted by parkjake50 View Post
Still searching for the right e92 M.
What are the average prices that people pay or paid for a lower mileage vehicle? It seems like prices are everywhere.
Im looking at ZCP,6MT,white/blue e92 with a good maintenance history
I feel like i will forever look for one and end up buying an M2 because I can’t find the one I like and want.
I may have the car you’re looking for. Pondering selling in the next month or so to move into a GT3.

‘11 zcp, interlagos on bamboo, 6MT, e92, 35k miles, stock, minty. Bought it 1 year ago from the original owner and forum member here.

Only “knock” against it is it has a sunroof. I thought I cared about a cf roof too until I actually got the car and haven’t cared one bit since. Also interlagos is a darker blue and almost too close, color wise, to the dark cf roof that it looks a bit odd, imo, with the cf rook. Just not enough contrast. Now, a CF roof on alpine white, absolutely, but not as much of a fan on the darker cars.

Anyway, still deciding on whether or not to sell. I paid a premium for the car when I bought it 1 year ago and I feel like the market for these cars has only strengthened since then. PM me if serious.

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