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This isnt gona work in China
it's fast growing yes, but China doesnt have a good credit system like in north america and other developed countries.
for ex, in america, u know what will happen to u if u dont pay ur visa forever, u will lose ur credit, then u cant loan, cant lease, cant finance, and if ur credit really bad u cant even find a job. You cant do nothing.
But in China, u dont pay ur visa, it's fine, u just cant use that bank visa anymore, but u still can use other banks, u can still do other things, no affect. they dont check ur "credit" when u go find a job, or when u finance/lease a car like in america. There is no credit points or credit history in China. Simply, they just see if u have a job with enough salary or enough money in ur bank thats it.

As matter of fact, some companies does say they offer "finance", but really, the majority of ppl can only pay off the car in full amount. Most white-collar doesnt have enough salary to pay the monthly payment, even they do, they still dont have more to pay the gas, maintaince, etc,. At least for BMW, Mercedes etc. the average lowest salary in china is about $150-$180 US dollar per month around? average white-collar is about $300-$1000 US dollar per month. Only very little has $1000+? in cities like shanghai. and the imported car price are about 2times than u buy in america. then u know why im saying this. it's very hard. If they do have enough, then those are really the rich ones. and they dont have to lease/finance.

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