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Originally Posted by elmariachi View Post
If your is a 2010 car and it is confirmed the main bearings issue, then I really dont know what the fuck is going on at BMW.
Amen to that. In fact, after the S54's main bearing problems, NONE of the S65s should have had it. I'm in the possibly affected range, with a build date of Jun '08. This is what is making me reconsider keeping this car after warranty. And the idle valve too... if it doesn't fail before warranty runs out (low mileage here).

Originally Posted by farbarg View Post
However, what did fail is the valve inside my exhaust, which plausibly could make this kind of noise as well.
Who told you this? There's no valve inside the exhaust. Maybe you're referring to the heater that heats up the cats on cold starts . This thing looks like a fan, and sits at the back of the 'V' when you remove the plenum (below is a pic of it), but it wouldn't make that noise at all. And there's nothing else connected to the exhaust.