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Originally Posted by Superfly_M3 View Post
How so?

Safety is important. However I think that once you replaced the OEM glass installed from the factory, your biggest concern should be the installer, not the quality of the glass. I don't think A/M glass will shatter into big chunks and kill you. There are manufacturing standards around the world that dictate tempered glass as standard. Given you perform work at a reputable shop, I don't think you should have any worries.

Again, this is only my 0.02 cents
It wasn't my M3 that had the windshield problem but my very first car back in 1999 that had a cracked windshield. I was a student with minimum income and I chose to go cheap on non-OEM windshield. 2 months later I had a leak which cost $6k to fix on a car that was worth not more than $9k. Learned my lesson the hard way.
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