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What is your Budget and what do you find yourself photographing the most (what do you think you'll be using it for?)

If you don't need super tele, then i would suggest a higher quality walkaround zoom.

the 24-105L has IS, is relatively fast (constant f4 aperture) and has good optics. The wonderful thing though, is that people are always trying to get rid of theirs when they buy their camera's that come kitted with it. As such you can get a good deal on a quality and usually new L lens. I've seen them as low as ~$6xx.xx.

If you are satisfied with your kit zoom. Then the 70-200 f/4 L is a very affordable way to get a sharp telephoto zoom that has a constant aperture. You lose out on anything past 200mm, but you're already on a crop camera as it is and you are technically shooting a 112-320, which is plenty tele already. This lens can usually be had under 600 bucks and is excellent bang for the buck.

If you can find either of these guys used you'll save even more. It's almost always a good idea to buy used. Plus, these are full frame lenses so you'll have no trouble mounting them on a full frame camera should you ever upgrade.