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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Not to throw water on this fire, but considering the F30 comes in standard configuration as an automatic, the life of the manual transmission is dead. The manufaturers will stop offering the choice due to fuel consumption regs. It is obvious that manufacturers will do anything to gain just 1 mpg (i.e. Electric steering).
It's business. As long as there are enough enthusiasts to purchase them, they'll keep building them. And if the big makers don't see the money in it anymore, small makers will keep offering it.

Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
Two clutches + flappy paddles is not a future to be mourning (if the tech is implemented like Porsche PDK and not Ford Focus PowerShift)
I cannot deny the awesomeness; I can only mourn all the atrophying left legs.

Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Well I'm dead set on either a 6MT WRB BRZ or a DCT Pure White MkVII GTI within one year's time from now. I've got 10k ready so far for a down payment... decisions, decisions.
Both fine choices.

Originally Posted by Snaggletooth View Post
As long as bikes are manual, cars will be manual too. I converted to a manual car after a few years on a bike. I'm 23 and there are plenty of guys like me.
I like the way you think.

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I'm older than snaggle, at 35, but I love my manual. You feel so much more connected to the car, the road, the joy of the drive that you completely lose in an automatic even with so spanky new double clutch flappy paddle. No thanks, give me the lever in the floor.