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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
Clearly we aren't going to agree - I prefer "function over form". IMO, the S2K has an awesome interior which I bet you think is a piece of crap compared to Hyundai...
Usually, I am not a fan of cars that dont use a traditional style gauge cluster. I loved thatmy GT3 had a tach right in the center with needles. Probably my goofy love for watches and things that resemble old fashion timing.

That being said. The interior was actually pretty brilliant on the s2000. A pure sports car with no frills. Two knobs for the air, and 2 buttons for the radio which were on the drivers side so your passengers couldnt fuck with it? Who knows why they put it there. They threw a huge digital tach in the center much like the racelogic LCD I have in my race car. Pretty simple and effective. However the s2000 is a one off platform car and our M3's are modified 3 series. They still and carry a generic interior over the entire lineup. The new 3 series and 6 series interior is a bit refreshing. At least its not as bad as audis a6 which I find hideous.

lately I have admired the 2012 A3 interior. Its different, sporty, very slim and function. Plain like porsches log style, but still retains refinement. I am probably biased since the vents look like copies of the mp4-12c air vents haha.
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