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Originally Posted by Helmsman View Post
Hi guys,

pulled some market numbers for a discussion on M3Cutters. Significant price differences between UK and Sweden, also notices that the E9M certainly seems to keep its popularity. Anyways, just though it was another interesting input although the Nordic market obviously is very limited vs the rest of the world.

Currently advertised E9xM various models:
18 cars 2007-2009, ranging between 28-37K USD, 47 – 93k miles.
12 cars 2010-2013 ranging between 30k-53k USD, 18k – 81k miles

F80 2015-2016 hovering around 52-61k USD, with 0.5-3k miles. F82 starts lower from 47k USD. So the F8M is starting to drop below the E9M at least over here.

For reference the E9M 2011 base price was around 68k USD. Haven’t looked into the F8M but assumingly a tad more.

Better hold on to those soon to be classics!
It was already marked on couple of different magazines that e9X will be collectable car. Its the only V8 M3 and its the last NA M3. Look what happened with E46 - their prices jumped over 50% for the last two years.

I also noticed the same situation between F8X and e9X on our local market in Poland. You can buy cheapest M4 at the price of great conditions E92.

You cannot get anymore E9X and F8X are incoming from all over the world and that's why the price is dropping. Also... I haven't checked the stats but i do belive there were more F8X delivered across the world than E9X due to economic cycle.

E9X was 2008-2013 during market slowdown so definitely less cars were sold than 2014-2019 during global growth.

just my 2cents