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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
Is there a bigger sweeping area for the pads on the 378 kit? Also, there is more surface area overall so I would expect it to cool better than the 368?
The same exact pad is used for both, so there is no difference in swept area. Either way, it is more than adequate. The rotor is slightly heavier, so in theory there is more thermal capacity. They are both use a 72 curved-vane core design, so in reality cooling is very good for both.

The reason the 378mm exists is that AP Racing in the UK did this design first for a European tuner who was only using 19" wheels. When the track day guys started clamoring for a kit to fit their preferred wheels, a slightly smaller rotor casting was available to do the job. 368mm kits vastly outsell the 378mm variant worldwide, but both remain available. If it were my car, I would be running the 368mm without a doubt.