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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
I don't think anyone is complaining the M3s brakes are ineffective anywhere except on a race track while being pushed very hard.

However, that doesn't change the fact that the caliper design is painfull to work with and they will fail under track conditions.

Should you expect a street cars brakes to hold up on a race track, normally no. However they do market the car as suitable for those purposes.
M3 is not an Elise and it does weigh a couple of pounds more, if that is your comparison point.
I have had some of experience with M3 brakes (E36/8) and some with my new E-93 (6 days) and I have to admit that I have been very impressed with the braking and absence of fade. And yes, I brake Hard and Late. I have not found any reason to even look at a BBK or changing calipers.
The new design for the backing plates is dramatically better for pulling in air to the disk. Pull off a wheel some time and look. It would be nice to see some ducting, but that can be fixed with a little channeling of air.

As far as changing pads. It takes me a little longer at the track to change the 12 pads on the front of my mechanically challenged friends Z06 as it takes to change both of my fronts. Oh yeah, he goes through a set of CHEAP Z06 pads every 2 track days.

BTW the stock pads held up fine until the last session of 6 days. Although the car will never see the track again with stock pads because of the wear and price. Rotors be damned. Surprisingly, I think this tank stops as short as my MCoupe.