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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
This topic has been beat to death here. Braking performance is dominated by many things above piston count. Assuming you have enough brake power to lock at any speed you then have, roughly in order of importance:

1. Brake pad compound - provides enough friction and fade resistance
2. Swept area per vehicle weight - provide braking power
3. Brake thermal management/cooling (cooling flow and rotor design) - prevent rotor warp
4. Rotor design (floating, internal cooling fins) - prevent rotor warp
5. Brake system mass, i.e. rotor size (for thermal mass/management)
6. Proper brake fluid
7. Number of pistons in brake caliper

It is fairly obvious from your post that you are more worried about aesthetics compared to actual performance. Don't get me wrong I love the killer look of a flashy/racy BBK but it is not really money well spent.

car wt distribution
not to mention driver skill

for a street car floating calipers are the way to go...
for a race car where pads/rotors are changed frequently, fixed...

the Bosch Automotive Handbook seems to imply floating is a better all around system...