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What is the difference between sizes of pads between the Brembo/Stoptech/PF/AP offerings to the stock caliper?

The sliding calipers have been used with great success with the Vettes. My prior Z06 was great with pads/fluid/lines/ducts...until the caliper spread and pad taper was unmanageable. A caliper replacement from Stoptech would pay for itself in two years of track days, with the additional longevity of the pads. Most people who race the Vettes (in T1) replace the stock calipers yearly to combat the taper problem. But I will say that the size of the pads were twice the size of the E36M3's that my friend owned. I couldn't believe how small a surface area those pads had compared to my Z06's pads.

The point is that the sliding caliper is an old, heavy, outdated design that really has no place on an M-car costing roughly $70K. I'll no doubt change lines/fluid/pads and add ducts, as BBK/calipers cut into the track-day budget too much. I'm also less than thrilled thatthe rotors are drilled, but we'll see how things go first.

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