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> No sistine chapel

Blech. Been there, seen it. There's some value to it but it's nowhere near as great as you would think from the rave reviews. It's basically a mess hall.

Plus, Michelangelo was an Atheist. Bet you didn't know that!

But in the vatican museum, there's this amazing painting depicting the hanging of some christians. That painting alone is worth going to Rome for! The excrutiating detail, the fine technique, the wonderful lighting. Damn.

BTW: there's enough loot in the vatican museum to solve world hunger and poverty. I wonder why they don't use some of it to help their fellow man... Not.

> Russia is kinda cold , they do not grow a lot of crops.

And they don't grow a lot of crops because they're recovering from the collapse of communism, which dropped the production to about 40% of what it was before.

> God, your Father/Creator, gave you free will

Except that you can show, using an MRI machine, that free will is an illusion created by your brain. More precisely: action is initiated before you become aware of the decision to take action. Exceedingly interesting research!!

> The non-believers use anger, hatred, vulgarity and have no tolerance for the believer's points of view.

Now that's ironic!!!

Anyways, the question that's burning in my mind for all that believe in god(s) is this: WHY do you choose your particular brand of religion above all others? Why are you right and everyone else wrong? And why is your religion immune to the reasoning you use to discount all these other religions?