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Originally Posted by hav2flynow View Post
The wisdom and reality of God can be documented in the Bible or Word of God.

I could get into end time prophecy which says: men will go to and fro,(planes, cars, its kinda hard to go to and fro on a donkey) knowledge will be greatly increased,(Computers), the Word of God will be trumpeted to all tongues and nations(satellites) there will be an increase in storms, earthquakes and these are the beginnings of woes.(global warming) How one third of the earth will be scorched, pestilence(that disease we cannot cure). And then shall many be OFFENDED, and shall betray one another and shall hate on another (can you say Political correctness and racism etc.) People are offended by everything these days.

Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe. That's why God gave us FREE WILL.

The bible is the word of Man. Written with human motivations.

As far as your "I could get into end time prophecy" paragraph goes, nothing more needs to be said does it? Your deity produced a really concise description of the future free from any possibility of inaccurate interpretation. Good work God, you have me convinced.

I'm offended by ignorance and self delusion - especially when it is forced on others. Believe what you will ... whatever makes life easier for you ... just keep it to yourself.