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The wisdom and reality of God can be documented in the Bible or Word of God. I have studied with a Bible Scholar for many years and It would take many years to document to you all the ways the Bible proves itself through historical accuracy's and on point prophecies of the Living Word of God. My studies include History along with Bible history and studies in the manuscripts in Greek and Hebrew.

1000 years before Christ, David was told a great King would come from his seed line. He would die on a cross and the soldiers would gamble for his garments. That all came to pass and Jesus also spoke David's prayer as he hung on the cross.

Most people don't know how to trace History, but if you can study history, you will find where tribes and peoples went. Esau was told "you will live away from the fat of the land" His tribe Edom eventually settled in Russia. Russia is kinda cold , they do not grow a lot of crops. I would say they are away from the fat of the land.

His Brother Jacob was told he would be blessed and his seed would be as numerous as the stars in Heaven. His seed became the 12 tribes. The 2 tribes of Judah and 10 tribes of Israel. These are the tribes Moses led out of Egypt to the promised land. You can trace these tribes over the Caucuses mountains to the Land with mountains of iron, milk, honey, endless bread. There are no mountains of iron in the Middle East, so where did they go? You got it, Europe and eventually to the most blessed nation the world has ever seen.(over abundance of grain and iron) The USA, the land that was founded on "In God We Trust", just look at your coins and dollar bills.
A study of the Traditions of Glastonbury, the Scottish Declaration of Independence, the Great Seal of the United States would all be good religious historical studies. As a matter of fact, Jacobs Pillar, from the Bible, is that rectangle stone under the coronation chair the Kings and Queens of Europe use. The Coronation Chair was made for King Edward I to enclose the famous Stone of Scone( Jacob's Pillar), which he brought from Scotland to the Abbey in 1296.
The stone came over the Caucuses mountains, just like the tribes and Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus uncle, the tin trader, who gave the tomb for Jesus ) Jesus went as a teenager to Scotland with Joseph to get tin, iron to bring back to the middle east.
If you study the Seal of the United Sates you will find instead of the Eagle and Pyramid we have for a seal as seen on the Dollar bill, our founding fathers first wanted to show the tribes leaving Egypt and the Pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day. Our founding fathers knew where the tribes of Israel went, but we have lost a lot of historical knowledge with our busy lives watching American Idol.

I could get into end time prophecy which says: men will go to and fro,(planes, cars, its kinda hard to go to and fro on a donkey) knowledge will be greatly increased,(Computers), the Word of God will be trumpeted to all tongues and nations(satellites) there will be an increase in storms, earthquakes and these are the beginnings of woes.(global warming) How one third of the earth will be scorched, pestilence(that disease we cannot cure). And then shall many be OFFENDED, and shall betray one another and shall hate on another (can you say Political correctness and racism etc.) People are offended by everything these days.

Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe. That's why God gave us FREE WILL.