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Originally Posted by radiantm3
Originally Posted by sterile stork View Post
You comparison between the two, how have you come to that conclusion?
I'm no suspension expert so just going by what I feel:

1) I get way more suspension travel with the ohlins. I learned this by doing my first track session in a street setting. I was amazed by the amount and smoothness of the body roll.

2) It keeps the wheels on the ground over bumps way better than the v3's even at race stiffness. There's a part of the track where you can cut through a bunch of rumble strips for a faster exit speed and whenever I did that with the V3's I couldn't be on the gas very hard through them because I had very little traction. With the ohlins I was able to be on the gas. It felt great.

3) The springs are way stiffer than the V3's, but the dampers still absorb shock much better so even though the ride feels stiffer than the V3's, it's also more compliant on the street and still comfortable.

4) The ohlin dampers are quite a bit lighter than the V3's. I didn't put them on scales, but there was a huge difference holding them both in each arm.

Hope that helps a bit.
great info. thanks for sharing. what sway bars are you using if any?
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