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Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
Your wrong. All the pros on here blame Kobe for every loss. Either he takes too many shots, doesn't get enough assists, plays bad defense etc etc. Only if Kobe has a perfect game and they win do the haters not come on here and blame him. I am surprised they haven't blamed him for Pau's injury some how.
Imagine if Michael Jordan had the best center in the league, one of the best power forward in the league, and still the top 3 PG in the league (after CP3, rondo) and can't get to .500. Of course everyone would be bashing MJ.

Remember how everyone criticize how Lebron had a POS team in Cavs and couldn't win a championship. The whole world criticized Lebron for choking even though he was doing all he could do to help his team win.

When you are the best player of the team and especially how hyped up Kobe is, every mistake will be criticized. And like I said since the beginning of the season. This team will not win with Kobe taking 20+ shots. Howard needs touches, Gasol needs touches, and most importantly the anchor of the offense Nash needs more touches.