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Originally Posted by elmariachi View Post
Its really disturbing to see that video. Coming from a muslim person, i am totally disgusted. Islam does not condone to such doings. Its the culture and backward way of punishing ppl who fall in love in love in the yesteryears of the arabic countries. It may have been abolished but i guess its still dominant in small villages and states. Nevertheless, these ppl should be shot at gunpoint. That is no way to treat a human life. In all faith, this world has become a place that even man have no control over. Its a malignant disease and the chain reaction cannot be stopped. I cant imagine how it can even take 100 of ppl to do this and make it public. its just barbaric. Put it this way, the yezidi religion as what they say is basically like Nazism. A self proclaimed religion using a true and defined religion as a direction. BS is what it is.
well said bro, I totally agree with you...