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This is Speedgod's wife...I enjoyed the comment on one of the post about moral relativism posted earlier. Unfortunately, just4kicks is somewhat misinformed about how society has been formed throughout history. Most people with a lack of self worth, or narcisistic tendencies (again based on outward perceived value of themselves from others and not internal locus) have preyed on the weak, powerless (not to be confused with weak) the stupid and the corruptable- to gain power and influence.

Influence is perceived by people on both ends of the pyramid as power. And it is often power we GIVE others over us as we follow blindly without question.

Many brutal, ignorant people have created "laws" to subjugate those that they see as "less" than they. By beating another person down by word, law, or force (usually using a threat - through direct inhilation or slowly as in repressed cultures and indigent communities -on their life as the leverage and reason for complicance) makes them feel they are "right" in the sense that if others are willing to obey them out of fear, and lackies agree with them because of power by association - then they MUST be right in their actions, right?
Civilizations are like pyramids, usually the ignorant and vapid are at the top, gaining their power hereditarilly or through any number of methods...but the underlying current in ANY culture trying to kill others because of their religion is based on fear. Hitler feared other races, because of the fear of losing his own culture through a domestic "melting pot". Just as in MANY -I'd say ALL cultures, men fear their own insecurities and self-created deluisions of inadequacy and project their own self anger on women. Because women will suffer death and dismemberment to protect their children, men think they are justified in treating women so digustingly. That is how a few rule the many. A few of the blindsided weak minded individuals promote their ideas to those of weaker minds and create a folllowing. That is how religion in general was created. Don't think so, look at your religions origins. In todays world, if you have voices talking to you, you are medicated or locked away for your own good.

There will be no peace in any country until men of different cultures value themselves not out of fear of inadequacy and trying to prove others LESS worthy of being. And this will NEVER happen until women are praised, respected, revered, and seen as a treasure worth more than gold, and treated with the same freedoms and rights as men would give themselves.

When they value themselves, they will not try to own others. That is true respect. Violating or hurting a child is the only true Universal law not to be broken. Murding and victimizing the powerless is of the same moral order. We are not animals set out on the plain to hunt mice for food. We have the mental capacity to grow food, to kill humanely. To be of a higher mental order. Unfortunately, there are many many sheep that the wolves prey on, and then incidents like this poor child's murder happen.
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