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Originally Posted by M3Now! View Post
Why is that? I was thinking about it the other day (when some knucklehead in a Mazdaspeed was trying to race). I didn't bother, but if I had he would no doubt have wanted to go from a roll.

Why is that okay? A good launch is part of racing. The two reasons I can think of, for those who street race, are a) there are a lot of kids with FWD that don't launch well, (in which case, man up...), and b) it can be loud and attract official attention - in which case, either man up or don't race.

What am I missing?

You're missing the point that most people race to see wich is the faster car, not who's the best driver! So by eliminating the launch(which is most subject to drivers error) from the equation, you have a better chance to have a reliable result!