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Originally Posted by 335xC4Now View Post
Hi Sam;
I am scheduled for delivery at 12:20. Ride to Innsbrook is mostly autobahn, correct? If so I guess I wonder how fast we can drive the new car.

Do you know how long it takes to drive:
1) Innsbrook to Stelvio
2) Stelvio

I still hope this idea works out but it might be trying for too much. Alternative seems to be the Berchtesgarden area but we really wanted a true alpine pass.

Someone else can chime in, but there's not much "fast" (unlimited?) Autobahn headed south out of Munich towards Austria, as I recall.

You better ask if you can move your pick-up time to earlier in the day. If you pick up at noon-ish, you're going to want to spend a while with the car, taking pictures, etc. You won't hit the road until at least an hour later, minimum. I know it's only supposed to take a couple of hours to get to Innsbruck, but once you get into Austria, it is really pretty. You may want to take your time going through there. And the roads get rather twisty.

Innsbruck to Stelvio is another couple of hours. I would not try to make it all the way to Stelvio on the first day, if you're picking up your car at 12:20. I'd try to avoid driving at night, if at all possible, especially considering the terrain.

Here's one of my favorite pics from Austria. I can't remember the exact area. South of Pfunds, for certain.

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