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WTF are you looking at?
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Originally Posted by Draven View Post
Pats D has stepped up dramatically in the postseason, and the offensive line has been doing a phenominal job protecting Brady in the pocket. You also won't see Brady miss like he did going to Gronk on that endzone play against the Ravens again.

Pats by 10.

You're right... they stepped it up against the Ravens and Tim Tebow... omg.. this is hilarious. Gronk has a broken ankle.. last time the Giants played the Pats they didn't have 3 KEY players they now have and your best offensive weapon is not at 100%.. Pat's fans are worse than cubs fans...

Draven... Let's side bet. Say.. if the Giants win you have the Giant's logo as your Avatar for 1 month.. and if the Pats win I will have the Pat's logo as my Avatar for 1 month.

Do we have a bet...?