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Originally Posted by m3 bud View Post
Thanks Mike for the coding updates!

Here's what he did:

*Folding mirror w/ key fob (nice feature)
*Comfort close w/ key fob (close all windows, moonroof, and mirrors)
*Unlock all doors after the engine is off (my favorite feature right now)
*Refuel guidance in the Nav when you have a destination selected (very cool, I used this on my drive home and it's great, allows you to select which gas station you want to re-direct to based on the number of calculated miles left in your tank)
*Corner headlight delete (much classier looking, I left the side corner LEDs)
*Moonroof auto closes if the rain sensing mode is ON and water is detected (nice to have, not as practical since it doesn't rain that much here)
*Instant MPG (very useful just to be able to see this)

Two things I'm still interested that Mike is working on:

*Auto day/night mode for iDrive when headlights are ON/OFF

Great to work with and look forward to seeing what else he can enable over time. Thanks again!

Awesome! How long did the coding take?