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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
I bet money was a factor when deciding to get the GT-R
Money is always a factor ... unless you hemorrhage money.

Originally Posted by Nine View Post
the older Skyline GT-R could be a daily driver - now GT-R owners are forced to treat the GT-R like a garage queen...I see more people daily drive an SL AMG then a GT-R for the mere fear of what it will cost them.
I daily my GTR. So do many others.
It's not any more expensive than any other high performance car.
Big tires are $$$, low volume vehicle dealer visits are $$$.

Keep in mind that there are a lot more SL AMGs than GTRs (they've been sold for a much longer time), and most GTRs are still low miles, so they tend to be babied. Let them get as old as the SL AMGs, and you'll see a lot more on the street.

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Anyway my reasoning is two fold:
1. the GT-R goes against the grain when it comes to inspiration and rewarding the driver with feedback and communication with the road, the GT-R does everything to prevent this relationship by being heavier and how it's computer interacts with the road and driver.
2. GT-R owners pay too much and deal with too much bs, if you're going to get a supercar you might as well go all in.
Like nearly all other high performance cars, it has stability and traction control.
You can turn off stability/traction control and you're on your own - like any other high performance car.

I find the 'electronic magic' aura around this car has more to do with early on advertising (calling it a high tech car) than with any sort of reality.
I mean really, what car today (that isn't basically a stripper) doesn't have stability/traction control...

Paddle shifters are a bit lame. However everyone seems to love this DCT business, oh well.

Originally Posted by Nine View Post
But for the rest of us car lovers it goes back to the natural philosophy of racing as Colin Champman said "Adding power makes you faster on the straights, while subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere."
The GTR goes faster through turns than an elise.
Look at autoX figures and see for yourself.
Weight also increases traction (more pressure on the rubber).
The real issue is rubber quality and geometry.
You can make a heavy car handle, but you'll be using stiff spring rates and going through tires like a kid eating candy.
You can track an elise and go home with great looking tires.

That said, I have a lot more fun driving an elise...