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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Arrogance, ignorance, and silly assumptions.
So have you owned or extensively driven a GT-R? Or a GT3? Or a GT2? Or an R8? I'm guessing a guy that's "m3 dreaming" has not. And if that's the case you're the accountant in this little debate. Telling someone that has owned a GT-R for almost two years which way is up is bizarre.
BTW, my comment on the price of maintenance was without tires since that isn't covered by any car maker and would hardly be something that would cause an owner to make it a garage queen.
So have you owned or extensively driven a GT-R? Or do real drivers just magazine race?
You are like the shallow hal for cars yeah I test drove a GT-R, she was too fat for me but if you're into that go for it. "Your reality, is not everyone else's reality it's called third party perspective" (if anyone has seen the movie)

Stick to the basics here 997GT3 guy,
A. Driver being disconnected due to the weight and computer interaction.*
B. lack of supercar appeal, your avatar is my case and point.

*not even getting into AWD vs. RWD.