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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
And I bagged getting it in favor of an upgraded GT-R.
Again, your reasoning please.
BTW, that was a good come back.
Why not change your little avatar/icon picture to a GT-R?

I bet money was a factor when deciding to get the GT-R, actually I'd love to hear what you would get if you had 25-30% more budget to procure a vehicle, I bet it would not be a GT-R.

The GT-R is a facade, a low entry fee but supercar service, maintaince and treatment? The F is this ? the older Skyline GT-R could be a daily driver - now GT-R owners are forced to treat the GT-R like a garage queen...I see more people daily drive an SL AMG then a GT-R for the mere fear of what it will cost them.

Anyway my reasoning is two fold:
1. the GT-R goes against the grain when it comes to inspiration and rewarding the driver with feedback and communication with the road, the GT-R does everything to prevent this relationship by being heavier and how it's computer interacts with the road and driver.
2. GT-R owners pay too much and deal with too much bs, if you're going to get a supercar you might as well go all in.

I wouldn't say this is the fault of the owners, for the entry fee the GT-R is a great buy, but after day one I'd say not so much. Sure it's less than an R8 but the R8 owner deals with less bs and has a far sexier machine.

Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
You lost me after comparing the GTR to a GT2...
Yeah, I probably lost you when you were left behind a grade too...but what are we gonna do?

The point was that the GT-R lacks personality, it lacks that supercar swagger that doesn't come just with numbers it comes with the total package. While you may argue that this is an opinion, I would say that while the GT-R is in fact a supercar, it's very low on the list. Take any GT-R owners buget and add 20-30k and I promise you they will not get a GT-R. They will look to an R8, GT3, Maserati, 997 Turbo, AMG black Series, Aston Martin(all of which have a ton of appeal)

I personally think the GT-R has an identity crisis, at the end of the day it is a Nissan - the numbers are impressive but for Nissan, success lies in slaying the 50k-70k price range not supercars. If the GT-R was a competitor (in price range) of the M3, S5, IS-F, C63amg I think Nissan would make a lot more money and owners would have to deal with a lot less bs. Right now, at a nicely packaged GT-R@90k+service and maint, the potential owners are either thinking lease or a different car.

I would buy a GT-R if it not were for the price and the bs..and I am a bit bitter about it.[/