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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
I don't think they are misleading when you look at all the information available to you and yes if all is running well on your car of course. 60' times, traps, etc. from these you can easily extrapolate what you need to know even if the launch was bad.

As you know traps are the main factor in determining whether or not your car is putting the power down, because ET's are launch dependent and some frankly can't launch, mainly because street tires do not provide enough traction, even on stock cars, but the trap will tell you what you need to know. Of course conditions play a roll, especially for NA cars, one can argue about all the variables forever, but IMHO 1/4 mile times/traps tell us a great deal.

The EVO C63 is an awesome machine and was no doubt faster from a roll, mainly because it has 100 more whp than me, however at lower speeds we were closer, up top is where he starts to pull good, based on that I knew we'd have a good run in the 1/4 mile and we did. When we ran at the track, I edged him out because of a better launch, our traps were 115.x vs. 117.x at that time, so cleary he is capable of better times, and of course faster.
You make some good and I agree with you also on most of the issues with all variables being equal.