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Originally Posted by ST06M3 View Post
PencilGeek, it obvious, we will agree to disagree. Dynos just show power levels. Running the 1/4 mile, 60-130, illegal street races, etc, show your cars capabilities with another. That is what Drew and I believe are the best measures of F/I, thats it. Its like MMA (Been doing this for a few years) or martial arts, you may look cool doing the moves, but if you can beat anyone with it, whats the point. Peace bro.

Dead on post. Quarter Mile times however can be misleading. They involve a lot more skill/variables then people would like to give credit to. Case in point Drew's M3 put down way better times then the EVO 3 C63(or any C63 I believe) at the last track event. He clearly isn't a novice here. However, in "Mexico" his car got walked on all their runs by the EVO 3 C63.