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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Anything that causes an unplanned death is the same in my book because the result is the same, and unplanned death.
Might be the same in your book, but the courts see things differently.
The outcome may be the same (unplanned death of loved one), but a death arising from negligence (fiddling with GPS unit, not paying proper attention, and hitting someone) is not punished the same as a death arising from premeditation and planning. (Authorities discover when reading social media posts or scouring your PC that you had planned the crash for days, monitoring the targets travel patterns, and deliberately chose to ram your loaded van into their car at a certain place).

I respect your right to believe that intention is irrelevant, but it must be said that many others disagree. I think that's a big part of why nobody ANYWHERE is calling for a ban on cars, like they do with guns. Yes there are unwanted side effects, but for the most part those side effects are not premeditated, and the overall benefit to society outweighs the penalties.

Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
But because many people don't care to have or use firearms; they don't care that their argument is illogical. They just have something to focus their anger on and do so without looking at it objectively.
Not sure it's illogical, it's simply a matter of recurring, ongoing personal experience with the benefit of one device (the car) which almost everyone shares, and the more abstract benefit (resist government tyranny or prevent a murderer), that people may understand theoretically, but cannot relate to it as vividly as the car benefit because neither they, nor anyone in their immediate circle of friends, has personal experience with those benefits on a daily basis.

Remember, it's sometimes useful to gain perspective by looking outside your immediate surroundings. While many modern industrialized countries have weapons bans that some here might even call draconian, or an oppressive police state, people in those places seem to be living happy fulfilled lives, and they dont even lobby their own governments for a relaxation of gun rules to match the United States.

Lest you think that is because they have all been brainwashed into accepting the idea that the gov should regulate all danger from their lives in a nanny state, well they dont seem to be lobbying for a ban on autos either, even tho they kill more than guns do.