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Does anyone know if I need to take video with the phone or if I can easily overlay the data with GoPro video?
You can easily overlay GoPro and trackmaster (racechrono format) data. Trackmaster recommends a couple of free synchronization apps which do work but are a PITA to synchronize. Have a look at Dashware if you want to make your life easier. Also, use splitmarkers that have a meaningful geolocation point (i.e. track start line, bridge, timing tower etc) so you can easily sync video with data.

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I'm also confused about OBD port use.
It doesn't work. Several of us have complained about this already (look in the trackaroo feature request forum). The developer claims that most Android phones do not have enough power to process both video and OBDII data simultaneously and he's afraid to turn the OBD feature on only for a subset of phones to avoid negative feedback from the ones that purchase the app without paying attention to this requirement. We have provided a few recommendations to him, let's see where this goes.