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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Sucks man.
Good news is I caught it before I paid out...buyer beware, do your research. And to PYSpeed, some advice: I've been in the car game long enough to know that no one pays retail, MSRP, or whatever you want to call it.

Originally Posted by kchu221 View Post
damn... shady...
The exact word that came to mind.

Here's my deal, I'm sure many vendors give out different quotes to different buyers. There are many factors, I assume...from long-time customer discounts to competition, etc. However, if the price quoted to me is different than someone else, then transparency is the key. Sean could have easily explained why he quoted me higher than someone else. Instead, he chose to call BS to my answer (that the "promo" price was the same as the website's listed price). Perhaps, my answer was BS, cuz the price quoted to me was actually higher than the website's price. LOL.

And to make matters worse, he chose to delete the thread. Those 2 actions, in my mind, are shady. And without trust, there is no business from me. There's a reason I've been going to Darwin@SonicMS for so many years now...he treats me right and with respect. He doesn't play me like an idiot and doesn't try to pull shady shz on me.

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