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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
You can think whatever you like. I sold my Cayman therefore my business with Porsche is over. This is my 1M:

Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
You own a 1M?
Funny, I dont see one post by you in the 1M section or any section for that matter where you mention your 1M. Yet hundreds of posts on this mediocre machine you tout as the best thing going. You dont own a 1M or any BMW for that matter. Quite sad if you think about it that one could try and BS his way through life. Theres nothing worse than a liar and you just showed your true colors.
I never care if somebody is driving a Tata or a Bugatti but I can't stand dishonesty or posts that are insulting people's inteligence. I find funny that the 1M pictures are taken in a garage, there are no pictures with the car in front of the house, or somewhere in nature, highway, etc. Just a new 1M, in a dealership, nothing that will show some originality.

Now, let me tell you why our colegue GoingTooFast is lying:
In the third picture, under the taillight you will find the emblem of this dealership that sells used cars (you can see the other non-BMW vehicle behind the 1M in the dealership's floor) called MBM Mobile from AVEIRO - Portugal:

In the third picture you can see that the word "VENDIDO" is reflected in the window. That mens the car was "SOLD" by the MBM Mobile dealership in Aveiro - Portugal