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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Thought I don't like its looks, I prefere the SLK 55 AMG over the Z4 M35i. Same weight, better weight distribution due to shorter and lighter V8 block and 540 Nm from a NA engine. 7.200 RPM redline is not bad either. No N54/N55 will sound like a NA AMG V8.

Until there'll be NA engines I'll stick to them. Later maybe NA engine with hybrid tech.
I think you will be missing an opportunity...

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I'd drive a turbocharged car with anti-lag. But flames would go out of the pipes. Not really street legal.
With the M button pressed down you don't see flames out of the 1M's exhaust ONLY because there's cats and a muffler fitted to the car.

Some fuel will always be burned in the exhaust manifold when the exhaust valves are open to help the turbo to spool up sooner and faster. Also, how do you think catalytic converters are rapidly brought to an efficient operating temperature during the engine warm-up period?!