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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I like the MP4-12C, it has a very good engine, 8.500 RPM, 600 Nm @ 3.000-7.000 RPM, 600 PS @ 7.500 RPM, but it did not win any comparo against the 458 Italia.
After early reliability issues the MP4-12C is now 2nd on the FIA GT1 World championship in front of the Ferrari 458 Italia and following the Mercedes SLS:

3.8L V8 Twin Turbo McLaren M838T
Race power approx: 500 PS (approx)
Max torque approx: 500 Nm (approx)
Displacement: 3799 cc

Power/Weight ratio: 490 PS/T (approx)
Weight: ~1020 kg

Mercedes V8 front mid-engine
Race power approx: 500 Hp
Max torque approx: 600 Nm
Displacement: 6208 ccm

Power/Weight ratio: 2,68 kg / Hp
Weight: ~1340 kg

It's incredible to note that the 1M's engine MAX. torque (500 Nm) is at the same level as that of those competition cars!!!

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Don't know, but I'd take the old M3 CSL E46 over the 1M E82 without a doubt. I'll do my best to get the next Cayman 981. There is no BMW better than it.
That's because, as incredible as it sounds, there is NO current BMW lighter than the next Cayman 981 or even the M3 CSL, except for the 114/116/118i which are slightly lighter than the CSL...

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I really don't like sportscars with forced induction.
I know that M cars are about chassis but if I had to highlight a single trait of the 1M then it had to be its engine... the 1M's engine is simply amazing!

You really should try it.