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Originally Posted by GAMEgates
Those 7ers are built like tanks, self experienced
You're not kidding! I was in a '97 740iL I believe it was and wouldn't you believe it, on September 11th 2001 an 18-wheeler stops in the middle of the road and starts backing up. My friend driving freaks out and doesn't stick it in reverse fast enough so the truck backs up and pushes us half a block. Yes, HALF an entire block before he stops because he said he saw the car sweerving side to side in his rear-view mirror. He told us that he missed his turn. So he backed up. What a freakin' genius.

He ended up getting fired the next day because it was his first day on the job. Damage to the 7er was a busted radiator, headlights and a new hood was needed. Damage was $10K but we were both surprised that the engine didn't come through the firewall. Pretty amazing.