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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
Pagid RS19's on the street:

Noise: Think school bus on steroids. Really noisy once they're bedded in and well used.
Dust: not bad, really.
Modulation: My wife refuses to drive the car with them on. Nose-bleed inducing if someone cuts you off and you tag the pedal in a hurry. Phenomenal at speed when hot.
Cost: $800 for both axles. I would NOT mix them with anything else.
Rotors: you need factory rotors with part numbers ending with "38x" where "x" is 5, 6, 7 or 8 depending on which corner you look at. You can see the numbers stamped into the rotor centers by looking through the wheels.

Other notes: the rears work really hard on the track if you don't turn DSC to M-dynamic mode.

OEM sport pads are hard to get and expensive. I priced them at $1500 in Canada, "not available" in the USA.
Spot on with the RS19 review.

I had them on my GT3 and loved them, asside from the sqeal-like-a-bus noise when they are cold....although I didn't care that much....but you WILL get looks from other peeps like "WTF is wrong with your car? Can't you hear that??" LOL
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