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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
What is the story with the these Pagids? Streetable or no? Loud and squeeky when cold? Any idea on how bad they dust? I.e. just a track only pad? Going for fronts and rears? Cost? Still considering OEM BMW track pads?
They're about $750 for the entire set. I believe that is considerably cheaper than BMW track pads; folks have posted on the forum their dealers want $1400 for the BMW pads. I understand Pagid RS19s when excellent bite when hot, and do OK when cold, but are very noisy. I've got 4 track days in mind for October, and then will swap them out for the winter.

Here is the "friction vs temp" graphs for the different Pagid compounds although I don't really understand what has been plotted exactly:

It looks like coefficient of friction, but against what type of disc surface exactly? The disclaimer acknowledges that the coefficient of friction is related to disc material, and the chart does not include any values for the y-axis. I must assume they tested the coefficient of friction on the same disc for the different compounds listed, but do not want to publish any values since they will vary depending on disc material.

Don't know anything about how dusty the RS-19s are.

Scroll to the top of that page for the official description of the compounds.

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