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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
While I do understand the physics behind this argument fully.. However, my E30 BMW with full race spec suspension, weighing in at 2420 lbs and modified to around 185 HP in no way feels nearly as dominant or better than my E92 M3, not through turns, not accelerating out of turns, nothing.

There is no way this E30 of mine will outgrip the E92. Sure it may feel great, it may transition well, but it will never beat, even if it at an S50/S52 swap.

The E9x chassis, mainly the E92 is a grip monster, it does a phenomenal job of holding the road and pushing right through. It does feel a little heavier, but honestly, any car above 3200 lbs is going to feel heavy no matter what.

Full "race spec suspension" can mean Sachs MS 5-Ways with solid bushings all around to some and Koni Yellows with PolyUrethane bushings to others.
185 hp (I assume crank) is more like 150 to the wheels??

Anyways, its not what you "feel" that holds the fact that not a single e9xm3 has beat the fastest lap times held by e36/e46 BMWCCA and NASA GTS at ANY track so far.