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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Lot's of theory and bench racing here. I think the driver also plays a big part in the equation too. For example Randy Pobst did a 1:42 at laguna with a bone stock car in a car and driver comparo; 3 seconds faster than you did in your modded car on semi-slicks.
Yes - the driver is a BIG part of a lap time - hence the Randy Pobst 1:42 in a "bone stock" car (im glad u believe everything you read in a "Car&Driver/MotorTrend" magazine) cough pads cough tires

And yes - its all theories and bench testing. But anytime u want to meet at the track let me know and i'll bring a 15 yr old M3 that will lap 5 seconds faster then your e90m3 with 100 less crank hp. And you can do the driving, since u can manage a 1:53 at Sears Point with a 3800lbs car?

Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Mastek, a few questions for you:
Do you not like your AP's with Mintex FR3's?? I spoke with AP in great length about the Mintex FR3's earlier this year when I was contemplating a BBK and they said that they are better than my Raybestos st 43's and more comparabile to the new raybestos st 47's. Curious why you think my setup was faster..
It depends on which Raybestos pads your using - but the FR3 are great pads - and I was the 1st one to test them for AP out here in NA. They lack the aggressive initial bite of the PFC01s or XR1s ...but are very consistent and manage heat well enough for the occasional track sessions. However, I would not run them in a 45min race.
The AP Kit has been great on the track. Very consistent and reliable.

Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
What are the specs on your LSD? What you mean by 2 clutch ramps? Do you mean 2 clutches with variable ramp? What is the lockup and ramp angle? I really hate the M differential on track and wish a proper lsd were in the cards for me.

Your car must feel great with the removal of 200lbs.
My LSD is a 4.10 2-Clutch diffsonline model
I was used to a simple 4.10 ratio upgrade in my e46 (from 3.64) ...but had no idea how much difference in corner exit and handling a 2-clutch or variable ramp diff can make. This was a huge improvement to this cars handling and i HIGHLY recommend it as i too was not impressed with the OE M diff in this car. I dont know the exact specs of this diff - but its just a phone call/or email to diffsonline to find out.

The car felt better with 200 lbs less - but its marginal - even at 3430 lbs + fuel 100 lbs + driver 190 lbs = its still a 3700+ lbs car to transition weight from left to right was my biggest challenge (especially through the Esses at Infineon) ...and a proper c/o kit and 500 lbs less would make this a fantastic track car - but there is sooooo much better to be had for far less $$$.
This is a great street performace sedan/coupe with a great OE track capability ... its just too heavy for me. But have fun and be safe.

Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
I still stand by my statement that there is a sub 1:50 in my car . And I have no plans to do any more mods.
That will be quite an accomplishment worth bragging about - if u reach a 1:49 at Infineon with ur OE brakes with race pads and AST Double-Adj shocks ..and NT01s - Good Luck

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