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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Do you have a racing line over the track diagram of that lap?
I dont think NASA runs anything but full carousel - so i assume thats what it was right?

If all this is correct - then coilovers on this car are worth alot over the EDC shocks.
I ran a 1:58 (only 2 sessions) with a 3450lbs + Fuel + Driver = 3750lbs - R1 265/285 - AP BBK w Mintex FR3 and FR4 (your Raybestos are better) - 4.10 FDR w 2 Clutch Ramps - and the GC Coil Kit using 440/600 springs on OE EDC shocks (which i believe are the weakest link in this setup).
I had maybe a 1:56 in it since this was my 1st time there.
Your 1:53 puts a 3 second theoretical "shock" advantage over the EDC shocks (which makes sense)

Congrats on a great lap at 1:53
Now lets see those lines on that track diagram, ya
And i assume the ASTs are double adjustable?
Lot's of theory and bench racing here. I think the driver also plays a big part in the equation too. For example Randy Pobst did a 1:42 at laguna with a bone stock car in a car and driver comparo; 3 seconds faster than you did in your modded car on semi-slicks.

Mastek, a few questions for you:
Do you not like your AP's with Mintex FR3's?? I spoke with AP in great length about the Mintex FR3's earlier this year when I was contemplating a BBK and they said that they are better than my Raybestos st 43's and more comparabile to the new raybestos st 47's. Curious why you think my setup was faster..

What are the specs on your LSD? What you mean by 2 clutch ramps? Do you mean 2 clutches with variable ramp? What is the lockup and ramp angle? I really hate the M differential on track and wish a proper lsd were in the cards for me.

Your car must feel great with the removal of 200lbs.

Originally Posted by mastek View Post
I suppose with ur AST c/o kit and those better pads (with the rest of my mods and weight loss) - i can imagine a 1:51
But not the sub 1:50 you claimed possible with this car earlier (unless you drop to 3300 lbs wet and a pro driver)
I still stand by my statement that there is a sub 1:50 in my car . And I have no plans to do any more mods.

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