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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
Yes you car correct again PG I do know that RGM has a S/C kit but I have not seen a lot. But I must say atleast I have seen more on youtube of this kit then the ESS kit.
Eugene you need to learn how to use the search feature on youtube. You keep saying there are no vids of the ESS kit but yet I have had no problem finding lots of ESS E9X vids. There are tons of vids of the GS race car that ran all of last race season with the VT2 kit on it and also did several drift events. There are two vids from two different customers who ran their ESS supercharged cars from 0-200+ MPH and also a video of Biglare racing a 750 HP stage 2.5 HPF car. I think these will give you an idea of how the kit performs and the GS race car videos will give you an idea of how the kit was tested before it was released to the public