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Who makes the best S/C kit for the S65

Hi Guys like the thread says I would like see what others think and share what I have personally seen and felt.

Right now I have only seen 3 companies that have this type of kit.

1. G-power has a many vids on their kit and have v-box run vids. Which I think it a good proof that the kit actually works and is fast. Yes they have blown 2 engines in the USA but those are the only SOLID proof that I have seen G-power blowing motors. So on G-power's case there are good and bad things to say on the market.

2. ESS have done a couple of cars. How many I don't know But 1 thing seems to pop in my mind. I have only seen 1 vid of the ESS kit in action and I didn't think it was doing that well. So If ESS people are out there please make some more vids some more v-box runs. At least this way we know what your kit can REALLY do. I think most people don't like guessing.

3. Gintani I have seen in person its very very ROCK solid!!!!!! i have sat in the car and I have seen vids on how fast the car is. Now the only thing is that Gintani has to make is some v-box runs. I also personally seen Gintani have round 6 S65 S/C kits. It seems to me that they have the most S/C kits for the S65 on the US market so far.

So what do you think is the best S/C kit on the market. AND WHY DO YOU THINK ITS THE BEST S/C KIT

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