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Originally Posted by Stankia View Post
People buy diesels because of necessity, not because they're fun. If gas in Europe would cost as much as in the US, no one would buy Diesels.

And the GT4, well it probably won't be street legal, so who cares, bring back the CSL...
IMHO, I don't fully agree with the statement above.

Firstly, it really doesn't matter what type of engine it is, as long as it puts enough power/torque to the wheels, then I'm game and personally, if what you're after is 'fun' then why should it matter what is powering the car?

I agree that Diesel prices in Europe has been the driving force for engine development, but even if diesels cost the same per gallon as petrol (perhaps you call this "gas") it would still be cheaper to run and I'm pretty sure that while it's not a necessity for some people, it would be nice to have the same performance and at less cost per mile. So, I think even with diesel prices in the US, people would buy diesels if they can get rid of the perception that it's exclusively for trucks.

Again, IMHO, it's becoming more general and possible to have one car for both pleasure and as a daily driver. Witness M3's and M5's for example. So if they do make ///M diesels, then as a dd it can be a very frugal commuter and when you want to have some fun, it can put the power down through a decent chassis and suspension. You might not be able to rev it till the cows come home, but having the power at low revs would, I think, be rather fun also.

I agree that if one wants a 'fun' car then one might not immediately look at diesels specifically. But if one wants a 'fun' car then it really doesn't automatically exclude diesels. That would be like saying that AWD isn't fun or V6's aren't fun or whatever.

Just my $0.02