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Entry level bmw GT4 what a laugh.

That thing costs 120k euro ex vat. Which entry level driver can pay that up for a race car.

A base m3 cost ex vat ex taxes say 45.000 euro. So too put in a cage and some brakes and some other parts adds 75.000 euro. ???????

Not to mention the base m3 costs off factory even less then 45.000 euro. Maybe somewhere in the 20.000 euro. There is no way that the m3 GT4 has 100k euro on race parts on that car.

Just order a M3 off factory with no option s in white i promise you you can build a gt4 for a lot less for which bmw ///Motorsport asks.

Bmw should see this project as an image maker just like the CSL. But know even on image maker they want to make money.

Porsche motorsport asks the same money for a GT3 Cup. But that s a race car. seq gearbox etc.

Bmw M3 GT4 is just off factory car with some race parts on it. Original gearbox Original wiring loom etc etc etc. Price is way way to high.