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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
Just out of curiosity, can anyone in the Romney camp provide a logical, well-laid out argument for why they'd vote for him? So far, there have been a number of compelling Obama pitches, but those in favor of Romney have been rather knee-jerkish...
Well, I'm not in the Romney camp, per se. But I'd vote for him simply because getting rid of "the last guy" in the persidency is basically the only thing the American voter can do these days. At best, there is SOME choice during the respective Democratic and Republican primaries. But for the actual vote for the presidency? Nah. Neither of these guys represent me. And if anything good bfealls me due to any action that either of them might take, I will assume it's purely coincidental. Their decisions are really made to benefit their paymasters—who are most definitely not the American public.

Constantly switching between Democrats and Republicans is the only "check" that the public has any more...pathetic though it may be.

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